Soursop Extract

Bee Boys Sour Sop Tincture is made by beekeepers, with our own homegrown Organic Sour Sop. While we make no medical claims, Soursop is currently being studied and widely used as a health therapy .   *Contains Alcohol  $15

Ka'u Coffee Lip Balm


Our Ka'u Coffee Lip Balm is infused with Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u Coffee! Grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa, coffee helps to make a deliciously aromatic balm! Caffeine works to tighten and firm the skin!  Maintain Elasticity! This salve smells like coffee & coconut cream!   $6

Bugger Off Salve

This salve is made by beekeepers to keep pesky bugs away! Made with organic essential oils, these salves also help to nourish and promote radiance! The organic food grade oils in our salve help to carry the essential oils evenly over the ski! Wild & Sharp aroma!  $15

    Bugger Off Spramp

  Bee Boys Bugger Off Spramp is formulated to help FIGHT THE BITE!!! Made with organic essential oils like Lemongrass, Atlas Cedar,Citronella and Lavender carried in Witch hazel.   $15

                                     Hand Rolled Beeswax Candles

Our hand made beeswax candles are rolled by beekeepers,with a natural honey propolis aroma that relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the spirit. Beeswax burns brighter and cleaner then soy or other candles. Beeswax candles emit negative ions, which may help to clear the air of allergens, pet dander, vog particulates and more. Burning beeswax promotes and over feeling of well being.


Bee Boys natural deodorant is made by our organic beekeepers to keep you from stinking! Made with ingredients like organic coconut oil,  organic calendula, bentonite clay, baking soda, zinc, beeswax and propolis.   $15

chili pepper

Our Raw Honey, Infused with local ingredients like coffee, tumeric, ginger, hawaiian chili pepper , rosemary and cacao! Enjoy these special, flavorful honeys everyday or for a special occasion!​ 6oz$9

Chocolate Lip Balm

Bee Boys CHOCOLATE lip balm is made from the finest Hawaiian grown chocolate, organic coconut oil and beeswax & propolis! This aromatic balm is one of a kind! Moisturize your lips with this delectable lip balm. Feel good about responsible, ethical cacao/ chocolate - Certified Naturally Grown in Hawaii USA $6

16 oz Jar

liquid honey $16

 Infused Honey

Island Cacao


   8 inch X 3 inch Pillar candle  $45.00

    Arinca Avocado Salve

​Our  Arnica Avocado Salve is made by beekeepers with the finest natural and organic ingredients.  Treat your skin to this silky smooth , relaxing salve. Your purchase supports our honeybees! Avocado oil penetrates deeply! Arnica relieves bruises, fatigue, and trauma associated with minor injury! This salve is made with our own certified naturally grown beeswax and propolis,  infused with organic coconut oil & Avocado oil! $18

* All Bee Boys Products are made in small batches, by beekeepers. Each batch uses unique beeswax, pollen and propolis. We do NOT refine our beeswax. We keep all the natural goodness intact! Natural variation WILL occur in our product! You can be assured color differences, structure  variations and olfactory originality in each product indicates QUALITY! Bees and their products are not homogenized. Each bee, every colony is individual, just like us! We celebrate that individuality, and celebrate the unique wax, propolis and honey that each beehive produces. Each Bee Boys product is special and unique, just like you. Please, with respect, do not expect homogeneous products from our Apiary. Mahalo


Hawaiian After Sun

​  Our Hawaiian After Sun is made by beekeepers. Relieve sun burned skin! Wild harvested Noni, Aloe Vera & a touch of propolis extract are fermented, to create a soothing after sun, in the Hawaiian tradition.     $15

Hawaiian Lava Cider

Our Ka'u Hawaiian  lava cider is made by beekeepers with Island grown passion fruit, Bee Boys raw honey, Bee Boys propolis extract, organic cayenne pepper, Big Island Cacao, Turmeric, Ginger, Surinam Cherry & organic Apple Cider Vinegar! This elixir is spicy and sweet! Strengthen Your Constitution! Enjoy all the benefits of this fire cider! 

9oz  JAR


4 oz bottle $15

Honey Calendula Chamomile Soap

​​Bee Boys Dark Roast
100% Ka'u grown , roasted by Rusty's Hawaiian! Smooth, rich body, with sublte hints of chocolate , crisp and sharp. Grown in Hawaii with Aloha! $17

                                                         Lilikoi Jelly 

Hawaiian Grown Passionfruit jelly sweetened with our own Raw Honey and organic Cane sugar. Sweet, sharp and tangy this famed Hawaiian jelly is sure to have you smiling.

6 oz jar $8

Bee Boys Honey Calendula Chamomile glycerin soap is hand made in small batches by beekeepers. Ingredients like honey, turmeric, calendula, chamomile, coconut oil, sunflower oil and oat protein combine to make a luxurious soap, gentle on the skin. Our soap is subtly scented with organic lemongrass, for a relaxing and soothing lather. $7

​​Propolis Extract 

Bee Boys Propolis Extract is made from our own propolis! Propolis is an anti fungal, anti bacterial substance the bees collect to sanitize the hive! Soothe cuts and scrapes! Soothe sore throats! Aromatic perfume, with an amber essence! Contained in a 1oz spray bottle. *contains alcohol   $15

​​​6  oz Jar

liquid honey $7

Bee Boys Lip Plumper

Our Organic Lip Plumper is made by beekeepers with organic ingredients! Feel fresh! Bountiful appearance! Ingredients like Cayenne and Menthol help to make this Plumper POP! Not recomended for sensative skin   $8

Bee Boys Muscle Balm

Our Muscle Balm is artisan made with active ingredients including organic cayenne and menthol!  These natural products create an icy yet warming balm! Soothe sore muscles & achy joints. All Bee Boys Salves are made with our own pure beeswax and propolis ( Certified Naturally Grown)  $15

                      After Bite

Our After Bite is Specially designed by beekepers to Fight The BITE!  We use all organic & natural ingredients to formulate this salve. Bentonite Clay, Baking Soda, Plaintain, Calendula and Non Nano Zinc are just a few of the incredible and healing substances in this balm. Try this product on Mosquito bites, Spider Bites, Bee Stings, Ant Bites, Poison Ivy and More! Feel good about using only the best natural substances on your skin! Help the bees by supporting this small business! $15

Bee Boys Original Lip Balm

Bee Boys lip balm is artisan made by our beekeepers to produce a silky smooth balm.  This balm is made with only 3 simple ingredients- organic coconut oil, our own beeswax & propolis.   $6

​​ Raw Hawaiian Honey

Our sustainably harvested, Certified Naturally Grown raw honey is collected on the slopes of Mauna Loa, on Hawaii's Big Island.   Incredible SEASONAL single floral nectar flows, from Ohia Lehua, Macadamia Nut, Christmas Berry, Silver Oak and MORE! Bee Boys Honey is 100% treatment free!Current Honey : CHRISTMAS BERRY


Ka'u Coffee Salve

We infuse the finest  Ka'u coffee, grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa with our artisan beeswax and organic coconut oil!   Revitalize your skin!  Moisturize,  rejuvenate, and protect!.  Every purchase helps save the bees!  Know your support makes a difference with the honeybees and  American farmers.  $16

Calendula Propolis Salve

Experience the anti fungal, anti microbial properties of propolis, in combination with organic calendula !  Fight eczema, psoriasis, and inflammation! Propolis, or BEE GLUE is a 'magical' substance the bees collect to sanitize their hives. Calendula helps promote the healing of minor burns, rashes, scrapes & skin irritations.


Sun Protection Cream 

Our sun protection cream is made by beekeepers with organic raspberry seed oil, organic coconut oil,

NON NANO Zinc oxide  beeswax, propolis and organic lemongrass oil.  Nourish & provide natural protection from the sun! This natural product's SPV between 15-20, we do not make claims about specific SPF. Naturally water resistant!   $16

16 oz Jar

comb honey $20

Island Vanilla 

3 oz Jar



     1 pair 8 inch dinner style $11.50

           Cacao/Chocolate  Body Butter 

Bee Boys Cacao Body Butter is made by our beekeepers with Hawaiian Grown Cacao!  This balm is very aromatic, as Cacao and Coconut mingle to entice the senses! Cacao is very rich in nutritive properties to delight the skin! Enjoy the smooth,rich body butter anywhere on the body! Made with 100% food grade ingredients! Organic Coconut Oil, Hawaiian Cacao, Bee Boys beeswax, Bee Boys Propolis $18