Calendula Propolis Salve

This anti fungal, anti microbial salve soothes the skin, while promoting healing! Great foe skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and inflamation!,Propolis, or BEE GLUE is a magical substance the bees collect, mostly from conifer trees.


Sun Protection Cream 

Our sun protection cream is made by beekeepers, to help reduce the effects of the sun's harmful rays. Made with organic ingredients like Raspberry seed oil, Coconut oil, Zinc and Beeswax, this cream works to nourish your skin, as well as provide natural protection from the sun. This natural product's SPF varies between 10-20, though we do not make claims about specific SPF. Naturally water resistant!   $23

Bee Boys Dark Roast

Maui Yellow Caturra, Roasted by Rusty's Hawaiian! Smooth, rich body, with sublte hints of chocolate , crisp and sharp.

 Raw Honey

Our sustainably harvested, biodynamic practice, raw honey is fresh harvested from the slopes of Mauna Loa, on Hawaii's Big Island.

Ka'u Coffee Salve

We infuse the finest Ka'u coffee, grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa, with food grade organic oils of coconut and sunflower, to revitalize your skin!  Moisturize,  rejuvenate, and protect your skin.  Every purchase helps save the bees!    $16

Soursop Extract

Bee Boys Sour Sop Tincture is made by beekeepers, with our own homegrown Organic Sour Sop. While we make no medical claims, Soursop is currently being studied and widely used as a therapy for those fighting cancer.   *Contains Alcohol  $15

Ka'u Coffee Lip Balm


Our Ka'u Coffee Lip Balm is infused with the finest Ka'u Coffee grown, on the slopes of Mauna Loa, to make a smooth aromatic balm to soothe your lips! Caffeine works to tighten and firm the skin!     $6

Bugger Off Salve

This salve is made by beekeepers to keep pesky bugs away! Made with organic essential oils, these salves also help to nourish the skin and promote radiance! The organic oils in our salve help to carry the essential oils over the skin, and assure even application!    $15



Bee Light

BeeLight Hemp Wicking is made by our beekeepers using organic hemp,  our own organic praCtice beeswax, and propolis!  Use this wicking to light candles that have burned down, to light your pipe, or for fireplaces and pilots!  20 wicking bundles per case.     $30


    Bugger Off Spramp

  Bee Boys Bugger Off Spramp is formulated to help FIGHT THE BITE!!! Made with organic essential oils like Lemongrass, Atlas Cedar,Citronella and Lavender carried in Witch hazel.   $12


Bee Boys natural deodorant is made by our organic beekeepers to keep you from stinking! Made with organic ingredients like Coconut Oil, Calendula infused Sunflower Oil, Bentonite Clay, Baking Soda, Zinc, Beeswax and Propolis.   $12

Bee Boys Original Lip Balm

Bee Boys organic lip balm is artisan made by our beekeepers to produce an incredible and healing balm.  This balm is created with the finest ingredients, including coconut oil, sunflower oil and our own organic practice beeswax & propolis.  $6

Bee Boys Lip Plumper

Our Organic Lip Plumper is designed to give your lips a fresh and bountiful appearance. Ingredients like Cayenne and Menthol help to make this Plumper POP!    $8

    Bee Boys Hand Salve

​Our Hand Salve is made by beekeepers with only the finest ingredients.  This product is great for the skin, and your purchase supports the honeybees!  All salves are made with our own organic practice beeswax and propolis,  infused with organic coconut oil & organic sunflower oil! $15

Bee Boys Muscle Balm

Our Muscle Balm is artisan made, with active ingredients including cayenne and menthol!  These natural products produce a superior balm, soothing sore muscles achey joints. All Bee Boys Salves are made with our own organic practice beeswax and propolis  $15

Propolis Extract 

Bee Boys Propolis tincture is made from our very own pure propolis! Propolis is a anti fungal, anti bacterial substance the bees collect to sanitize the hive! This tincture may be used on cuts and scrapes, for sore throats or as a perfume! Contained in a 1oz spray bottle. *contains alcohol   $18

​​4 Oz Jar


Hawaiian After Sun

​  Our Hawaiian After Sun is made  by beekeepers, to relieve sun burned skin. Wild harvested Noni, Aloe Vera & a touch of Lemon Juice are fermented, to create a soothing after sun, in the Hawaiian tradition. Be aware that Noni ferment is PUNGENT!!!    $12

Bee Boys Coffee

An incredible Island blend of Hawaiian coffee, Roasted in the Ka'u district by Rusty's Hawaiian. Help mend the pollination disconnect by purchasing this amazing medium roast coffee.    $18