Visit the Big Island, for a deep immersion into beekeeping, the honey bees, and the incredible beauty of Hawaii Island!

*Spend 10 Days in a retreat setting, In collaboration with 4 unique beekeepers, exploring the wonders of the Honeybees!

Learn to keep bees in many unique ways! Traditional Langstroth beekeeping, Top Bar beekeeping, skeps, Sunhives and more! 

Experience Honeybee Shamanics, Learn to make value added goods & learn the most natural and cutting edge ways to keep Honey Bees harmoniously!

*Learn to listen to the bees & learn to harvest honey responsibly!

Experience all the wonders the Big island has to offer! *Guided Excursions on off days, Healthy farm grown meals (vegan and GF options), clean off grid living cabins.

Nearby attractions:

Green Sands Beach, Punaluu Black sand Beach, Honu Apo Bay, Kawa Bay, Ka'u Forest reserve, Volcano National Park 

More details to come!

Come to Hawaii's Big Island for a once in a lifetime experience to commune with the Honeybees and Nature!


​               space is limited

              Total Tuition, $1,800.00