Medium Gift Basket $75

1 14 oz raw Honey

4 Lip Balm

1 Muscle Balm

1 Hawaiian Coffee

1 coffee salve

1 beeswax candle

​1 Gift Card

Build Your Own Basket or Select Standard

To build you own  gift basket, just select the items you would like from theproducts page. When you have selected all of the items you would like, select thegift basketoption at the bottom of the page.We'll Pack, decorate and ship your basket for $1

Happy Holidays

Standard Gift Baskets.

​​Large Basket, $125

1 14oz Raw Hoey

1 Beeswax Candle

1 Muscle Balm

1 Coffee Salve

4 lip balm

1 Calendula Propolis Salve

1 Hawaiian Coffee

1 propolis tincutre

1 passion fruit jelly (8oz)

1 lava cider

1 gift card.



Small Gift Basket $40

2 lip balm

1 9 oz honey

1 musclebalm 

1 propolis extract

​1 Gift Card