250 MG 3 0z jar   $40

1000 MG 4oz Jar  $145

Bee Boys CBD Calendula Propolis salve is made with the finest organic ingredients, including 250 mg CBD isolate. Calendula, propolis, organic coconut oil, Bee Boys beeswax and CBD combine to produce a salve soothing to the skin, and effective for many of the ailments affecting the skin. $35

Bee Boys CBD lip balm is made with our own certified naturally grown beeswax, organic coconut oil, bee propolis, and 30 mg of organic CBD isolate. 

CBD Calendula Propolis Salve 250 mg

500 MG 3oz jar $80

                                             CBD HONEY

Bee Boys raw, certified naturally grown honey, is infused with 99% pure CBD Isolate power. Get all the positive attributes of CBD delivered in our incredibly tasty 3 oz raw honey jar.