Why do you see 2BEE+ on Bee Boys labels?.

Great question! As beekeepers and Farmers, we feel the current "organic" standards are watered down. Organic standards allow for treatment of pesticides and herbicides, and they allow for feeding honeybees high fructose corn syrup. Organic standards also do not address the ethical standards ignored by most factory farming operations. 

As beekeepers and Farmers, we have created 2BEE+  as a certification of the ethical treatment of honeybees. This means no spray environments, no chemical fertilizers, no HFCS, no herbicides, no "treatments" for the bees! When you see 2BEE+, bee assured the company, homeowner, school or business has passed our high standard of ethics.

If you are interested in being certified, please contact us through our contact form. 


2BEE + Pro Pollinator 

  (To Bee Positive)